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Andrew Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather

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• All black leather exterior and straps
• Sport style trapper hat
• Extreme cold weather gear
• Comfort quilted interior lining
• Flap over ears
• Front flap snaps open
• Size adjustable buckle closure
• Tie down under chin for warmth or tie up for style

Style # MH-RB-LT-NO8-GY-BK-45

Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather
Grey Rabbit Trapper Hat with Leather

Additional Information

Gender Unisex

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Customer Reviews

Customer Service
This was the right combination of real rabbit fur, leather exterior and buck chin strap. I find the quilted interior makes it a bit slippery though if it is real windy I will usually have the buckle strapped in any case. Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

Review by ER, posted on 2019-01-21

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